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Established in 2001, The Princess Margaret's Phase 2 Clinical Trial Consortium is one of seven sites – and the only site outside of the U.S. – to have received funding by the National Cancer Institute. Led by Dr. Amit Oza, the consortium's mandate is to develop leading-edge clinical trials through collaboration with other cancer centres across Canada.

“Through that mechanism, we created a network so we could efficiently conduct early phase clinical trials. We have been able to successfully bring cancer agents in the earliest of developmental stages to the clinical trial settings, which would otherwise be unavailable to Canadian patients,” says Dr. Oza. “For nearly two decades we have been able to develop, design and execute clinical trials with a high degree of rigour and contribute important new knowledge regarding the biology of cancer that has helped change the paradigm of care in several cancer types.” Through that mechanism, more than 100 clinical trials have been conducted over the past 15 years.

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