Personalized Cancer Medicine at The Princess Margaret

Genomic Profiling

Searching for clues in your genetic makeup

Our team of cancer experts are researching the mechanisms of resistance at a molecular level. They want to understand why some treatments work in some patients and not in others. The learnings will be used to design treatments that may overcome resistance.


Harnessing the body’s immune system to combat cancer

Our researchers are at a stage where we can potentially take a patient’s tumour, research its biology and use that information to customize a treatment plan using their immune system to attack and kill the cancer.

Cellular Therapy

Expanding the cellular therapy program

CAR T-cell therapy uses a T-cell engineered treatment that can be delivered to a patient to eliminate the cancer. Princess Margaret Cancer Centre has a strong cellular therapy program that is growing. Cellular therapy is complex – both in the engineering and the delivery of the treatment. Our team of clinicians and allied health professionals work closely together to monitor a patient’s response to treatment.

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